The Indonesian Poker Agent

kvoll-shoes.comThe Indonesian Poker Agent. The two most important agents in today’s world to play online poker are the Bank and the Poker Agent. You can choose any of the sites paly gambling online but its recommended to the players to choose the online gambling agents. The gambling agents do provide you with the additional benefits such as the bonuses. One such poker agent in Indonesia is the

The score88 poker is one of the trusted real money poker agents in Indonesia. It provides you the online poker games including other interesting online games like the Domino QiuQiu, Ceme Online, Blackjack and the Capsasusun. The minimum deposit you need to make is of only Rp.10000. once you have deposited the amount, you can play at least 5 games in 1 ID. Incase you need to withdraw the minimum amount is of Rp.25000. This is the lowest deposit you can make on the score88 poker agent compared to other agents in Indonesia.


If you register with the score88 poker agent, you will have amazing bonuses with other benefits as well. One such bonus is weekly cash back bonus of 0.5 of the total amount you earned and also 10 of the member bonus. It’s a great deal to the members by the agents. You do have the live chat option provided to the member for any support or help.

In case the member forgets the password, he is been provided with the forget password form. The member needs to fill in all the details accurately and provide the valid information. The Forget Password form basically consists of Login Id, Bank Name,Account Name, Account Number, and Mobile Number. Make sure that the details have been filled correctly.

Global jackpot is available to all the members on the website. This score88poker has the latest jackpots system available in Indonesia. You can buy the jackpot with only 100 rupiah and also win exciting prizes amounting to tens of millions of rupiah.

It’s not necessary to buy the jackpot only if the member wants he can buy it from with additional features to the members.

The member are given multiple jackpot prizes from the jackpot system

    1. Full house * 10 the jackpot prize you buy.
    1. Four of kinds * 250 jackpot prize you buy.
    1. Straight flush * 1200.
    1. Royal flush * 10000 jackpot prize you buy.
  1. Super royal flush * 30000 prize you buy.